Friday, May 03, 2013

Nail Files Friday: The Outdoor Edition

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has been enjoying the beginning of May thus far, though I know it might have snowed where some of you live. Sorry about that. In WNY it has jumped right from winter to summer and we got up to 80 degrees on May 1st and 79 degrees yesterday. There is no prediction of rain in the forecast for at least a week and I already have some pouches of Margarita waiting in the freezer for Cinqo de Mayo so I am a very happy lady. Of course with such great weather, I had to break out the flip flops and paint my toe nails so good thing it's Friday again!

The Nail Files Link Up

I can't say I usually have any reason to take pictures of my feet so here is a first for me.

This color, though not looking it's best in my iPhone photo, is Object D'Art by Finger Paints
It looks more true to its color in this shot and no, of course I didn't take this picture at work, why do you ask? (You can still see the last speck of blue on my thumb from three weeks ago. I'm a mess.)
It was so bright out this morning that the sun kept washing out my shots. Logic would say that maybe I should use the real camera to take pictures outside but I was trying to knock out two birds with one stone and it is not advisable to try and hold two dog leashes with one hand and take pictures with an expensive camera with the other.
So for now, I'll settle for sub par iPhone shots. And the maxi dress I'm wearing today made my shadow look very tall and much like Mrs. Butterworth, I even have my hair in a bun.
Great, now I want pancakes and this post is going in a very strange direction. I'd better quit while I'm ahead...
Want to check out everyone's nails and see if I'm the only one talking about looking like a syrup bottle this morning? Stop by Tara's blog and see everyone who linked up.
Have a great weekend!


dramaqueensmum said...

Very pretty. I love Finger Paints.

Kimberlee VDW said...

Pretty color!

Tara said...

very pretty color!

Robin said...

Haha, i love that you are comparing your shadow to Mrs. Butterworth and making us BOTH want pancakes! Love that nail polish color!

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