Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Covered Wooden Letter for Book Lovers

Remember a couple weeks ago when I told you about a project that I completed but had to keep under wraps because it was a gift? Well even if you don't, I am here with the secret project reveal.

I had planned to make this for my sister and her husband a while ago but never got around to it so when their fifth anniversary was getting close, I knew now was the perfect time. Since I've had the wooden letter B for so long, I can't remember how much it cost but I know I got it from AC Moore (that's my go-to craft store) and since I'm pretty cheap frugal, it was probably under $5. I had seen something similar made with sheet music but for a couple of bookworms, like me, I knew my sister and brother-in-law with love their last initial covered in pages from a book. It would look neat on a wall of pictures or a manel or even on a bookshelf.
Here are the supplies you will need:
A wooden or cardboard letter
Modge Podge
A small disposable brush
A book you're willing to part with
*A good show on Netflix is recommended but not required.

I had Deadly Women on while I did this and it made this so the time passed quickly. Don't judge but I have a strange addiction to true-crime shows.

The first thing I did was pull the pages of the book in strips. The book I used was pretty small, just a boring story that I picked up from a thrift shop, and at this point it doesn't matter what direction the words are going.

Now you can painted on a little Modge Podge where the first strip of paper would be go. You don't want it too thick or the paper will wrinkle and not covering too much or it may dry before you get to that spot. Also, it gets a little messy if you paint too big of an area at once so I found the best way was to cover just enough. You can, and will, add more later.

Place the paper on the front of the letter and wrap the edges around to the back.

This way, the front of your letter will look the best and you can clean up the back at the end if you need to.

Every time you fold a little more around the edge, add some Modge Podge to that spot to stick it down. It's just like gluing it in place.

As you keep wrapping sections in paper, the letter will start looking better and better. At the beginning, it doesn't matter what direction you go in or how disorganized it looks in the beginning because you can continue to covor it with layers until you're happy.

Sometimes the corners were a little strange to work with but you just have to get creative, like when you're wrapping a present. It all depends on the letter you're working on, where an O has no tricky corners, an E would be a little tougher.

When the letter is just about covered and you're putting the last layer of paper on, you may want to start paying attention to what words appear on the paper strips. I happened to find both my sister and her husband's names in the book I was using so I made sure to put them together (Jenn: you should see if you can find them!), but mostly you want to steer clear of any inappropriate language or violence, depending on what book you chose to use.

When the letter is all covered in paper, put one more thin, even layer of Modge Podge on to seal everything in and let it dry. Mine only took about 1/2 hour before I thought it was okay to handle but I let it dry overnight before I wrapped it up and threw a bow on it.

And there you are, a covered wooden letter for the book lover in your life! I am dying to make another one for our house because it turned out so cute.

I hope these directions were clear but feel free to ask any questions if you have some. I hope you try making one because it really is a quick and easy project that looks great when it's done.


smile74424 said...

We love, love, love it! And now I'm off to find our names. :)

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